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Wood House


Plot area 2000 sqm
House area 150 sqm

Photography  Amit Geron

The wooden cabin was designed as part of the owner's desire to preserve the buildings on the property and return the place to autarkic, self-sustaining agricultural activity, which include: a chicken coop, a donkey enclosure, and a vegetable garden. 
The house was designed and built in the place of the traditional "grandmother's house". The house has one floor and is divided into two. Half of it includes three bedrooms and the second half includes the central space of the living room and kitchen.
The archetypal shape of the cabin, as well as the choice to use materials in their initial form, were part of the concept to create authenticity and simplicity. The birch panels were used in the interior part for all the furniture details and the ceiling covering.
And on the outside, we used wood cladding that has undergone thermal treatment and does not require maintenance. The roof is covered with zinc plates.

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