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Blatman Cohen Architecture Design

a picture of vered blatman cohen

My name is Vered Blatman Cohen, I had graduated with honors in Industrial Design at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and have an Architecture Technician degree.

In 1989 I had taken an active part in converting Florentin neighborhood in Tel Aviv into a residence area for young people and into an art center through the conversion of an industrial building at 12 Vital St. into an art and design studios.

As a resident of Florentin, I had converted a 5th floor industrial hall into one of the first loft apartments in the neighborhood. My studio, which was founded in 1991, operates mainly in high end private residence and office design. Starting in 1994 and for about ten years I gave classes in Architecture at the VIZO college in Haifa.


My long professional experience had taught me that work in architecture is actually an experience in the relationship between the living space and its habitants, and demands creativity and imagination, combined with a continuous attention to the professional aspects of design. In my eyes, designing houses for people combines the my love of design with the my attraction to social activity.

The design and planning of a building structure and spaces is a product of actual conditions, the client’s lifestyle, needs and financial aptitude. A crucial prerequisite to a successes in turning a project into a “home” is the participation of the client throughout the design process. My main work motto is a total design approach that starts in positioning the building on the plot, followed by its assimilation with its surroundings, creation of the house plan and continues with deep involvement in all construction and detailing stages.

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