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V House

2016 - 2021

Plot area 3000 sqm
House area 450 sqm

Photography Amit Geron

The house is designed on one level and is divided into areas according to the various functions in the house. In its central area, a wide living area has been planned that includes a kitchen and dining area. The shell design incorporates glass walls for the patio that penetrate the interior of the house and create harmony and blurring between the interior and the exterior.

Designing a metal pergola that is integrated as an integral part of the house shell, strengthens the edge of the exterior as part of the interior design of the house.

The strong connection of the house with its surroundings, the use of a uniform white shade throughout the house as well as oak that is repeated in all elements of the house including the floor, creates an almost monastic, minimalist, relaxing atmosphere and gives a sense of flow and freedom.

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