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M House

2007 - 2009

Plot area 4,000 sqm
House area 450 sqm

Photography Amit Geron

A single level house composed of several sub structures with transparent wall passages connecting the different elements and creating harmony with the exterior. The main compound includes public areas and parents’ unit. Three additional structures contain independent children’s units equipped with a kitchenette and sleeping gallery. The main element widest façade overlooks the courtyard and swimming pool. A passageway facing a reflections pool leads to parents’ accommodations. The division into separate elements enhances inhabitants’ privacy and creates a gathering area in the courtyard, around the swimming pool. The front façade facing the street is blind and serves as a side wall to the entrance area. Fruit trees planted along this part of the garden improve isolation from the adjacent street.
The residence was chosen as one of the most influencing projects of 2010-2011 by BVD magazine

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