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The K family home is an example of how architecture meets design, urban standards, and at the same time an attempt to integrate into the productive rural landscape. Vered Baltman Cohen designed the house, as a cube that was “dropped” into the narrow, elongated lot and placed on it. […]
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The white cube concept is softened in the interior design with the extensive use of wood and organic palette. Thus, all the utility functions in the master bedroom (closet, ensuite bathroom, and work area) are defined by a wood-clad floating cube. The floor is made of large brushed stones slabs and the furniture is modern and simple, combining wood and textile in natural tones. [..]

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NS residence : The house design blurs the distinction between interior and exterior, an important aspect of modern architecture, and maximizes the feeling of continuity and expansion of space. Ground floor, comprising a kitchen, service room, pantry, guest rest rooms, a dining area and living room, is open on both ends and creates an unobstructed view of both sides of the lawn [..]

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On the roof is the mother’s kingdom: a family duplex opposite Hayarkon Park An apartment in north Tel Aviv,
completely renovated and elegantly decorated, with a hovering staircase, large windows facing the treetops and a bedroom that is open to the spacious roof terrace [..]

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Rough concrete wall and break out on volume of burnt-Erez crossing wearing things are just part of the NS residence in Emek Hefer, Israel, visible from the street. But to pass a steel gate, paradise for cross-entertaining revealed. Customer love spending time arid climate of this beach area was the main motive of the plan developed by shift, Israel-based Blatman Cohen architecture design, featuring a leafy front garden complete with swimming greeting and outdoor kitchen [..]

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Blatman-Cohen Architects home design blurs the distinction between inside and outside [..]

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Designers culture Episode 88 (2016) – Every week we will host an influential figure in our cultural space. Architects, designers and artists will talk about their lives, their world view, current projects and dreams for the future. Guest: Vered Blatman Cohen – Architecture and Design

NS a position relatively close to the sea, had a strong influence on its design. Decided to sell the house on the north side of the court for two reasons. First, on the north side is closer to the sea, it is possible to get a sea view from the second floor in the house. Second, residents, family of five, facing south lawn asked to be swimming on the south side. [..]

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Participation in the TV program “design studio” Channel 22 “network” chapters 19-22

Lady Globes 2015 May issue “Minimal Compact”

January 2014 – Architect Vered Blatmn Cohen – interviews under the program ‘design studio’ about innovations in furniture.
Channel 2 Reshet.

2014 BVD – houses selected in 2014

“Date with architect” Plan No. 4 and Channel 10 Channel Good Life
Neta Gerti meets with architect Vered Cohen Blatman, specializing in the design boutiques

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“BVD” in January 2014 – February Issue 150 “floating cube double height”

“Lady Globes” issue in January 2014, “looking at eye level”

“BVD” Representatives of 10 houses -2013 special issue.

“BVD” in the October-November 2013 No. 148 “acquired a too small”

Hovering in the scenery: The Kerem Maharal
The top floor, where the living room and kitchen, painted in white and lengthens the spectacular scenery of Mount Carmel. The lower floor, where the bedrooms, a local stone canopy compiled from the ground and extends across the field [..]

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Who needs walls? Young family’s apartment in Tel Aviv
Renovating the interior walls were removed, and the spaces separating well-designed cabinets, follow all the storage needs and infrastructure. Even the partition between the living room and library work is basically [..]

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2012 – The residence Aloni father in natural oak forest in the Jezreel Valley.
Building stone’s choice was influenced by the old Templar style buildings, typical of the area, and by the district council policy.
Topographical location was unique local landscape and causing major design goals. Double height space, placed in the center of the house, creating a connection between the courtyard at ground level and unique landscape observed from the first floor [..]

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2012 – The location of the house located at the top green healthy eye is dictated quite a bit of the design. Blatman architect Vered Cohen, decided to maintain the character of the area in accordance with the neighboring houses also yet to incorporate the structure of updated and unique look [..]

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“House and garden” Issue January 2012

BVD 10 houses of Representatives in 2012

Bulthaup Summer Issue 2011

“Houses” \ Orly Robinson, 2011

Bulthaup 2011 Spring Issue

BVD Issue April-May 2011, the apartment in Givatayim.
Fashion designer with a strong aesthetic sense, she asked herself a suitable living environment. Environment will provide inspiration for her work, which you can entertain family and friends and especially will serve as a safe haven for her. This task mobilized interior architect, Ward Blatman Cohn stylist, illuminating Sutton, fulfilled his dream of a tenant. [..]

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BVD December issue-January 2011, the Ein Vered.
Design of large houses is not a difficult task, but designing large homes with intimacy wraps, providing a homey feel is requested, it has been a difficult task, often miss. Blatman architect Vered Cohen knows exactly how to do it [..]

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2010 – BVD Magazine’s contest influential architects, nominated among five architects in the category of architecture, private construction

2009 – BVD Magazine’s contest influential architects, nominated among five architects interior design category.

TREND Magazine Summer 2009 Issue

2008 – “Home Garden” / Orly Robinson

2007 – BVD cover story on design house in Neve Tzedek.
“Less is More”, the trial’s famous architect Loodooig Mies van der Rohe (the founders of the Bauhaus and the school principal.), Defines the home of Single Tel Aviv, located in Neve Tzedek – Neighborhood of Tel Aviv’s old underwent changes, and is now living area Popular and lively, yet quiet and calm [..]

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2007 – BVD Design apartment in Tel Aviv.
The city, of course, is dense and compact compared to the village and its vastness, the old centers and apartments relatively small, but nevertheless, young couples with children again prefer the vibrant city. Is based couple with two little children, does not belong to the upper echelons of the business and luxury apartment towers, can stay downtown? [..]

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2007 – Newspaper Design “Nisha” wrote the planning and design house in Kfar Saba.

2007 – Newspaper “design” Ma’ariv wrote on planning and design house in Kfar Saba.

2003 – Newspaper “The ‘Planning and Design Section Home Allonei father.

2002 – BVD Design Loft Florentine neighborhood.

2002 – Newspaper “At” story loft design section Florentin neighborhood.

2001 – “Perspective” design newspaper “Globes” article about home design in Herzliya Pituach.

2001 – “BVD” Expanding Maoz Aviv apartment.
Pastoral urban – How to create a sense of spaces and privacy of an average apartment in the big city, the city is known, is dense and compact compared to the village and its vastness, and apartments Centers old relatively small, but nevertheless, young couples with children again prefer the vibrant city [..]

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Cover story in Yediot Aharonot “establishment” Vital 12 “as a home studio for artists, exposure resulted in making the Florentin neighborhood center Amnotctbt exchange Yediot Ahronot” establishment “Vital 12” as a home studio for artists, exposure resulted in making Florentin art center.